wtorek, 23 lutego 2010

Sylgard 184 na YouTube

Mark nagrał filmy jak używać Sylgard 184, także napisał mi jak go aplikować :

When you mix sylgard do not whip air into it. Mix it slow you have a lot of time to work with sylgard. Pour the slygard around 3 sides of each cell and wait about one hour,the slygard will move under the cell's slowley. You can take a paint brush and help spread after the one hour. Sometimes i lift one side for a minute,and then the other side.The sylgard will take up to 3 day's to set,in all that time most of the air bubbles comes out.The air bubble's does not effect the wattage.

I jeszcze jedna jego porada :
You have to use glass, the sylgard alone is not durable to surive a hail storm.The sylgard is a little costly but it will last over 30 year's.Sylgard was developed by dow chemical for nasa,it will make the cell itself last longer.When you are doing a solor project you want it to pay for itself, so you want it to last for decade's. The only way it will last is with a aluminum frame and to encapsulate.

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